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The “ArchDragons / stilt characters are a new generation of live entertainment, and a creative blend of a stilt performance with animatronics technology. They  will impact your audience with sound and movements that make the characters look very much alive.


The “ArchDragons” are impressive in size, reaching 15 feet long, with the added feature of spreading their wings to reach 9 feet wide for a “supersize” effect.


Adapted to daytime or nighttime presentations, the “ArchDragons” present a vibrant skin texture and color:

   - The daytime version offers crystal-like skin reflections with vibrant colors.

   - The nighttime version has a full black light and LED light skin effect that make the “ArchDragons” glow,       revealing beautiful skin patterns and colors.


For your convenience, the “ArchDragons” skin color can be customized to your needs and match with your color theme.


We offer 2 formats for the show (customizable):


          - ArchDragons - Atmosphere act version:

Two or three ArchDragons stilt characters + one ground character, giving you two options:

            1) Daytime: A classical strolling and interactive atmosphere act.

            2) Nighttime: Black light or LED light illuminations for parades or nighttime strolling performances.


          - ArchDragon - Show version:

            Three (or more) ArchDragons stilt characters, offering the added feature of a 15 to 25 minutes

            show, with music and story line, which can be presented on stage, podium or designated area.


The ArchDragons are a milestone creation for World Gate Entertainment, a company that has been successfully providing uniquely creative shows for theme parks, festivals, events and awards ceremonies around the world for more than 21 years. The ArchDragons will surely make a resounding impact on your audience, leaving a memorable experience in the hearts and minds of your guests.

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